Hot Spots of the Spice Isle

Bananas (no cover on Tuesday/Friday): On a Tuesday night, Bananas will have you easily tricked into believing that it’s still the weekend. With a main floor and an upper deck, you have more than enough room in Bananas to ‘buss ah dance.’ Don’t be fooled though! Tuesday night gets ram so get there early!

How to take Tobago in 5 days

1. Take a full tour of the island: as I hopped off the plane, I wasted no time in getting acquainted with the beautiful, lush sister island of Trinidad. My airbnb host was also a taxi driver so I immediately took him up on his offer to show me around the island which happens to only be 27 miles long, but do not to be fooled, folks.

Chronixx's Captureland Takes Two!

On the cusp of dropping the highly anticipated mixtape, Roots & Chalice, Chronixx and the ZincFence Redemption returned to his birthplace with a 3 day/3 cities leg of The Capture Land Jamaica Tour. The tour kicked off in Spanish Town on Friday, December 18, then to Manchester on December 19, before it headed to Falmouth on December 20 to spark up the Martha Brae Rafting Village.

Journals of the Black Mzunghu

Habari za jioni? (How’s the evening?)— Just a few words from what I learned during Swahili lessons this morning. Today was very productive and a bit busy.  I’m not complaining at all because I was becoming pretty bored and lonely at the central hostel without a large group of people to interact with and activities to participate in.