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Taking Action Means Taking Ownership


Take ownership for your life

Taking Action Means Taking Ownership 

The Soulfull Woman’s Guide to Finding the Soulfull You 

Last month, we discussed slowing down as your first step on the path to becoming a more Soulfull Woman. (That’s S-O-U-L-F-U-L-L.) 

The next step on our transformational journey to living life as a Soulfull Woman is found in the letter O for Owning. It’s imperative that we are responsible for taking ownership for our Self. When we make choices that take us away from our beliefs, dreams, needs, and desires, we disown ourselves. Choices that support these innermost feelings help us to feel an ownership over ourselves and our lives. 

Who really owns my life? Everyone else or me? 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I feel like I own my life? All of it? Or do I feel like the daily To-Do List owns me?
  • Do I feel like I have some control at work? Or does my work own me?
  • Am I able to set boundaries to give myself time at home? Or do I feel like my husband/partner/children/parents own me?
  • How do I envision my life as a Soulfull Woman?
  • Do I remember a time when I felt a connection to my innermost thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and dreams?
  • Do I remember when I allowed that still, small voice inside me to be my guide? When did I stop listening to it? What were the consequences when I did? 

That part of you, which I call the Soulfull Self, has not been lost. Your soul is not dark and empty. It is waiting for you to self care and reconnect.  As you let out your hurts, your wounds will heal and you’ll find a more satisfying and enriching life. 

Not taking ownership for your Self has a higher cost than you realize.

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