Deborah Chellete-Wilson

Like many women, my life has been and is focused around caring for others. Slowly, over the years, I began to feel a growing sense of loss, but I wasn't sure what it was. People I love had died or just gone away. I've had my share of disappointments, lost loves, and things that didn't work out. I could feel these losses, I could talk about these losses, I could process these losses…

But something still nagged at me. In quiet moments I would experience a sense of deep sadness and despair. Over the years, others more attuned than me pointed to past realities still affecting my life that I didn't want to see. In spite of myself, I began to realize the greatest loss of my life: my lost connection to myself.

My journey in the search for healing in the expression of that loss, re-connecting to my soul, and practicing kindness within myself has given me the ability to love others more deeply, to give more freely, and to maintain my stamina and energy, as well as, to allow myself a rest when I need it.

I feel freer, lighter, and more joyful. I am very grateful to have re-connected to what I call soul-fulness.

It is my joy to give voice to my journey and offer it to you as a guide to re-connecting and finding your own soulfullness.

Part of my journey has been dedicated to working with children and their caregivers. Children have given me in many lessons on the very different worldview they have along their developmental paths that as adults we don’t take time to heartfull connect with. Parents have taught me that unless you walk a mile in their shoes there is no way to know the heart of parents who live from fears of what might happen to their children and fears of are they doing enough to protect them. Together they lay the foundation for Coaching From The Heart my program to provide love-based parenting at http://www.deborahchelette-wilson.com

My hope is that you will find something in my journey to help you: provide you hope, comfort and inspiration along your own pathway to connecting with yourself.


Professional Counselor, License Number 15127, Texas State Board of Examiners, Austin, Texas
National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc., National Certified Counselor (NCC) #235088

Ongoing Continuing Education
1992 - Master's Degree in Human Relations, University of Oklahoma
1987 - Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies, University of Oklahoma

2011 - Counselor of the Year from the Northeast Texas Child Advocacy Center
2002 - Team Excellence Award Honorable Mention, Mental Health Professional, Children Advocacy Centers of Texas